LCD Monitor Teardown

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Uploaded by on 16 Mar 2011

Bill takes apart an LCD monitor and shows how it works. He explains how it uses liquid crystals, thin film transistors and polarizers to display information.

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Uploaders' Comments (engineerguyvideo)

  • So is this an LED backlit LCD or CCFL? I guess LED?

  • @KERPALSINGH LED lit ... they are along the bottom only ....

  • Excellent video! I also found it worth mentioning that you sound almost exactly like Alec Baldwin.

  • @TheMiracleCrew I think we weight about the same amount too ... we are about the same age ...

  • 1. The first sheet is a diffuse reflector to recycle light reflected by upper layers and scramble reflected polarization.

    2. Prism film adds forward gain to backlight luminance.

    3. Liquid crystal generally has a different index of refraction in one direction than two other orthogonal axes so light along that one axis passes slower, or faster, than light along the other two changing polarization.

    4. Normally white is unpowered transmissive. Normally black is unpowered non-transmissive.

  • @Ekishounen Good point!

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  • 10 people still use a CRT monitor.

  • i like this

  • Thanks for the helpful explanation! Legend!

  • @rabidowski

    It was a joke since I had to watch it twice.

    And a bit of a shocker, some people can be given information and then not understand it, it's a crazy world on your boot heel.

  • @Androphilian HUH? His video just explained it!

  • Awesome video! Keep it up man, the more people learn the better off the world will be.

  • @fathomEC This is an educated guess: It's not the monitor, it's the video controller connected to the monitor that determines that capability.  The basic monitor, I believe, is analog, although there is electronics inside to drive the DVI input.

  • @Androphilian Well it's basically a sandwich that, when plugged into the electricity, does some magical stuff. You're welcome.

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